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Little Musa and the Opportunity of a Perfect Leg to reckon

Little Musa and the Opportunity of a Perfect Leg to reckon:

In the course of my numerous interactions and engagements with Dr Nuruddeen Muhammad, former Minister of State Foreign Affairs and Supervising Minister of Information, I have heard him severally saying 'he doesn't take things for granted'. And I had always wondered in my little mind like, 'but who does that'? All average serious minds don't take things for granted, the thought crossed my mind. 

While I was thinking then, it wasn't until Saturday the 31st of October, 2020, ironically in Harbo, the town I'm proudly of, that I was confronted with the reality of how a lot of us do in fact take things for granted.

Musa Musa (not real name) is a 12 years old boy from poor background who stepped on a sharp object while working around barefooted at his village. Due to the sickness, he immediately had pains, then swelling and eventually thick fluid coming out on his left foot. Very pitiful and sympathetic! In fact, Young Musa was fast loosing his foot until when "Unik Impact Foundation" came with their medical caravan to my Harbo for an outreach that day.

Quickly I noticed how Dr Nura himself, a person with compassion and feeling of humanity sent for a specialist doctor-friend whom he had arrived with in the same car to come and take a look at little Musa's leg. They asked some questions and run some quick examinations, and then all went silent for a sympathy. I observed that there is a danger, Musa could loose his leg except if he gets professional help from qualified medical hand in a hospital setting. 

The things to worry much about the parents was that they said they had no penny for that kind of intervention. In fact, they cannot afford to travel to Jahun, let alone pay for anything there. Everybody who looked at them that time might observed that, they may even have no the meal for that day! 

Dr Nuruddeen again sent for another personnel, who I later understood is a staff with Medicine San Frontiers in Jahun General Hospital. In short, the three spoke in professional tongues and obviously agreed. The former Minister handed over enough cash to the parents and asked them to go Jahun General Hospital by Monday to meet the other fellow.

I later confirmed that Musa was admitted at the big hospital in Jahun with hospital admission, medications and procedures fees all paid for by Unik Impact Foundation. 

I then quitely reflected on another of Dr Nura's words; "The weakest of all is that who is sick but cannot afford his medications", and quickly connected the dots! 

That for a fact is true. Because Musa would have eventually lost his legs, for a fee that is all less than 50,000 Naira and with that probably his dreams and future; in fact, with the hope of his parent.

But thanks to Unik Impact Foundation, Musa is now getting better, himself and his parents all smiles. I am all smiles too as I type this. And I am confident most of us shall be all smiles as we read this.

At this juncture, those of us with good health do indeed take things for granted. That is what Dr Nura insisted he knew all along. 

He had said, "I will never take the opportunities of my good upbringing, sound education, perfect health and employment for granted". And Dr Nura speaks even louder through his foundation, the Unik Impact Foundation ( 

It is all about giving these everyday opportunities to the Musas, the Foundation says! Isn't it now a little obvious how about a million people in Jigawa insist on #DamaceKawai!!?

Ameer Muhammad Harbo,

Executive Assistant,

Unik Impact Foundation.


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