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Think before you judge any information

One of our problems is how we often and quickly judge without looking further details of any information we get before we share it with others. In politics, religion and other social settings, it's this issue that is distorting our trust and togetherness before a blink of an eye.


I know a lot of relationships that were broken just because of rumours and unverified sayings about their partners from the other parts. We usually abuse our scholars just because we got something that's misquoted intentionally to mislead us and take our trust that we've for long to them.

There are couple examples of friendships that have ended, this is because of the non efforts of digging out to find the actual problems that exist on the issues. In politics, it's call home. Infact, it is day-to-day activities, countless people lost their positions because of someone that took little information about them and misdirect their bosses over the actual meaning of their various conversation. Lots of leaders lost their real loyalists over a fake and invented information that's created to divide them.

Hundred or thousands of people found themselves laughing at other people which probably ended in cries because they didn't get the right information, or they were taken by their egos that dropped them in a sea with lots of crocodiles with little info the got.

Thank God; there are still few people that stand to investigate any confusing and conflicting subject matters before they judge them. Some withdraw what they've understood earlier if they get the reality of the then events. That's wiseness and it's what we want.

We need to wake up on examining, exploring, investigating and proving anything that comes to our tables before we truly judge or decide about it. This will help from been in sharing fake news or finding ourselves in doing hate speech. May Allah guide us, amin.

Amir Harbo

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