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Together at Sixty


A Nation:

A mother of African territories!

A mother land of giants of Africa!

A green Nation!

A white Nation!

It is called Nigeria.


Who keeps our states united.

Who is the originator of the heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Who entitled as a One Nation despite heterogeneous tribes.

Who today has knowledgeable nonpareil lions.

And who its people keep prosperity in their minds.

In Nigeria:

We don't care about tribalism!

We never concern about jingoism!

We never tried criminality!

We already have unconquerable souls!

That strive to make it a great Nation!

But in Nigeria:

We care about consciousness of our nation.

We care about building our fatherland.

We care about reasons for our actions.

We care about humility, respect

And the guidance, mission and vision of our nation.

Nigeria at 60:

We need less guns, ethnicity and more peace.

We need less discrimination, regionalism and more education.

We need less politics, selfishness and more justice.

We need less violence, disintegration and more unity.

We need less poverty, destitution and more grace.

Together at 60:

We will make Nigeria shine as a new Nation!

With no adversity,

Discourage, and spinelessness!

Nigeria will lead us to the victory!

And all our desires will be achieved because in God we trust...



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