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Is Idris Kareka a Flag-Waver Or An Unpatriotic?

Is Idris Kareka a Flag-Waver Or An Unpatriotic? 

-By Amir Muhammad Harbo

As for Jigawa, we often discuss and write about its problems and suggest their remedies as well. On this stand however, of course others will selfishly disagree with me, and I respect their right to do so; (because we are in a democratic world).

As we all know, Hon. Idris Garba Kareka is a member representing Jahun LGA of Jigawa state. He is also the current Jigawa state speaker of this APC administration. He was elected as a speaker of the house in 2015 but​ later impeached in 3rd January​, 2017 for some reasons. He is now in his second term.

As a person who was born and raised in Jahun LGA and an indigene of Jigawa state, I have many things to say in regards to its development as well as its challenges in all ramifications.

After the impeachment of Hon. Kareka in 2017, he was re-elected in 2019. During the inauguration of his second term, he assured the people of this state for his commitment to work in harmony for the betterment of this state. “We are ready to cooperate with the other arms of government for the development of thi state,” he said. Is this objective or subjective? The judge is you!

Is he working for the LGA he comes from? The answers are from you!

Though, we cannot denied the fact that the level of poverty in Jigawa State at large is mind boggling and years of misgovernance have added a sad tale to the phenomenon.

This was further complicated by the harsh economic reality caused by this corruption-pandemic measures which caused a lot of lost to the masses/poor.

Dear (Sir), Hon. Idris Garba, during the Corona pandemic you cared not to contribute anything worthy compared to the contributions your colleagues in the house of assembly gave. Like me, who is living in Harbo -Jahun, I see nothing you contributed like palliatives let alone about larger developments but the basic survival subsistence to the people of this community. Who do we voted, a generous, fulsome or ungenerous, stingy and unpatriotic person?

Dear Hon. Idris Kareka, we never see your proposal to a bill that will bring a little development to this community. Honourable sir, you are privileged of representing us because not only we decided to give our mandate to you but also we owned you some important duties as well. Some of these duties are to protect our interest and save our lives, precisely at this trying time of flood disaster and cor[ruption]na pandemic.

If you cannot do; please, resign!

I am sure within Jahun LGA, there are people who are as qualified as any other professional you will find anywhere in Jigawa state that can effectively continue with the task.

The most painful is when I remember how our people are living in this terrible situation of flood disaster. For those of you who did not experience the sad experience of this serious flood disaster. It resulted a lot lost of properties, farmlands and houses, worth several millions of Naira.

You never visit their communities to hear their problems and resolve them. Is this a patriotic?

Unfortunately this is what most leaders find themselves doing most of the time; responding to the past instead of creating the future. 

We were told that "seeing is believing". So, if we used this statement, we can say that the person in question hasn't done anything patriotic in the state and in Jahun LGA in particular. Seeing what Jahun LGA state is today, please ask your self this question, "Is Hon. Idris Kareka a flag-waver or an unpatriotic?"

At last, I'm advising our leaders that they should focus on the future of these people who dedicated their strength and time while casting their votes to them. So, this is a great chance for us to do good things and get rid the opposite. 

May Allah give us right leaders and direct us to the right path. Amin.

Ameer writes from Harbo -Jahun. He can be reached via

September 24, 20.

NB: This was earlier published by SkyDaily Nigeria.

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