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Retrospection: Sule Lamido, Please Come Back; Jigawa Needs You

Retrospection: Sule Lamido, Please Come Back; Jigawa Needs You:

 -Amir Muhammad Harbo

What I always remember is how his last valedictory speech was presented with alot of emphasis, confidence and achievements. 

Going by his ways of handling of both private and public affairs of the state when he was in power, I can say that Jigawa was his own forever. In other words, it would have been better for the state if he had owned it. By owning it, I do not mean that Jigawa should be his own personal property or possession. What I mean here is that if he was the one governing it now, there must be alot of progress in the state. 

He promised and fulfilled what he promised then, "Our programmes, pronouncements and actions will bear the unmistakable stamp of the moral and ideological character of the political background we come from", he said.

Indeed, he did what made Jigawa state is today, and probably, tomorrow. 

While the past remains essentially a history, the state was created 29 years ago, and like all the socio-political entities, Jigawa had had its unique opportunities, challenges and history. Indeed, in the Jigawa's history, Sule Lamido is a numero uno indigene who served it wholeheartedly with mission and vision.

Truth be told, what I have in mind is that if he was the one who had the privilege to rule the state in these years, Jigawa as a state would have been better.

I strongly believe that for Jigawa State to to be complete, his contributions will not be out place. He is Jigawa of course!

This is not to support only Lamido and his governorship reign or to claim that he (Sule Lamido CON) was indispensable, but to show what Jigawa as a state would have benefited from his mien as a leader considering his character, transparency, personal discipline, love for the poor, honesty and sincerity of purpose while handling public affairs in the state and Nigeria at large. 

Sule Lamido CON

I am sure, Dr Sule Lamido will be utterly disappointed if he look back and see how those who professed to continue with his policy have now bastardized the vestiges of his good work after him. One of the biggest challenges that bedeviled Jigawa today is how the state is recently ranked among the top three poorest states in Nigeria. 

What a shame! 

This piece is not an insinuating that Sule Lamido CON is the only person that possessed the kind of intelligence and capability needed to rule and to bring an enduring development to Jigawa State.

There are indeed many 'Jigawians' who have the same qualities as Dr Sule Lamido, a revolutionary. I, here, strongly believe that one of his offspring, Dr Nuraddeen Muhammad can follow the lead, InshaAllah! 

Although it might sound bizarre, his coming back (if it were possible) becomes necessary in order to show to the present crop of politicians how not to be self-centered and greedy; and to let them know that what separate political parties is not the difference in the names they bear but some radical ideologies some of them possess.

They have to emulate it from his likes, they of course achieved it. These are some of the African political leaders that did their best like him. To mention but few, Nelson Mandela (South Africa) and Seretse Khama (Botswana) are leaders who have shown signs of insatiability in their demand for adulation and gain. Such leaders ‘travel in pompous motorcades, put their faces on the local currencies, and expect to see photographs of themselves in every shop and office’ (Rothberg, 2003: 32).

If possible, his choice in the next term is very important. I know he will not choose a retrogressive helmsman to lead the state.

At the end, Sule Lamido CON, the best governor of Jigawa state is innovative, courageous, charismatic, accountable, democratic , disciplined, trustworthy, impartial, sincere, upright, accommodative, tolerant, versatile, effective, hardworking, dedicated, hopeful, visionary, purposeful, optimistic and who lead by example.

Lastly, Dr Sule Lamido, Jigawa needs you and is missing you! 

Amir Muhammad writes from Harbo. He is the founder/Executive co-ordinator of "Jigawa Progressives Network", a non governmental organization.

NB: This was earlier published by Opinion Nigeria.

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