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Do not condemn Christmas

Do not condemn Christmas:

Christmas is around the corner, and sooner than later, many Muslims will start sharing posts condemning the Christians and Christmas. My brothers and sisters, Christmas is none of our business as Muslims. Whether Jesus was born on Christmas day or not, is none of our business. Writing, speaking, or condemning Christmas is going against Allah's instructions.

O believers, do not insult those, whom these mushrikin call upon besides Allah, lest in retaliation they call bad names to Allah out of their ignorance. [al-An‘aam 6:108]

Because when you abuse their gods, they also abuse your God. And when they abuse Allah, you caused it and you will be considered a sinner.

Likewise if we read Qur’an chapter 109, Allah taalah makes it explicitly clear to his messenger that when you give da'awah to them and they rejected, you stay away from them.

1. Say, “O disbelievers.
2. I do not worship what you worship.
3. Nor do you worship what I worship.
4. Nor do I serve what you serve.
5. Nor do you serve what I serve.
6. You have your way, and I have my way

Quran 109

Thus, refrain (avoid) from sharing posts about Christmas. It is none of our business. Stay away from unnecessary arguments with the Christians. Going against them could be going against Allah's instructions. Let them do their religion.

~Muhammad Kiru ©2019

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