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An Epistle: to whom it may concern

An epistle: To whom it may concern.

I am saying this with many means, because it’s actually depressing, gloomy and miserable. Meanwhile, we may get remedies of the problems.

As I know, you know and they know education is one of the key and important tools in the development of any society, including mine. Harbo Sabuwa is one of the towns in Jahun LGA of Jigawa state, where I hail from.

Students of Harbo’s ‘Central Primary School' are truly suffering from lack of water, accessibility of infrastructures which including books, chairs, writing board and many more in the school. If truth be told, the students are living in the deplorable conditions. Probably, this is not only happening to the above mentioned school but also many schools in the town. Please, see the attached pictures below.

As a matter of fact, the numbers of those students studying in the school are more than two thousand (2000+), in which they have only three permanent and pensionable teachers expected to give them education skillfully. Is it development compared to their children studying in USA, UK, IND, CHN, etc who grow and prosper in a suitable environment? NO!

Actually eduction in the school is faltering and crumbling with negligence of the government and they have to be concerned about it, seriously. If it is true that the children in the school are the same citizens with thiers, they have to survive in the most extreme cases. We know even the local government alone has the power to implement these changes and advocate for them.

Also, it is free to any philanthropist for any humanitarian contributions to use his/her funds and anything useful for the relief in helping and assisting the children.
Thank you.

July, 2018.

Amir Muhammad Harbo

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