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A Commentary: “34 Years And Not Too Young To Be A Minister” by Dr Nuruddeen Muhammad

A Commentary: "34 Years and Not Too Young To Be a Minister" by Dr. Nuruddeen

I have never seen a humble, modest, meek and also diligent person with the highest range of political qualities like Dr. Nuruddeen Muhammad. Let us remove all the sentiments in our minds, please. 

I truly subscribed to this statement that "like father, like son". Though I did not support any political party or politician, whoever was elected deserves to be commended.That is justice! Sule Lamido, the ex-governor of Jigawa state (2007-2015), is what I called a "God-sent" father to the people of Jigawa state and Nigeria as a whole. His contributions to Jigawa state and its people are inestimable. 

Dr. Nuruddeen is a descendant of his good politics, as GEJ, Nigeria's ex-president, wished for this generous person to be the governor of Jigawa state in the 2015 election.God knows the best. I am the same, wishing for him to be the next leader of Nigeria soonest. May Allah, the exalted, assist him. Amin. 

They are the ones who made a lot of promises of hope to the citizens of Jigawa state, which turned into reality and brought about what Jigawa is today, "A NEW WORLD". May Allah return them to their best. Amin. 

It was in his appointment time that the able leader, S. Lamido, explored many youths toward good politics and stimulated them towards unity and national development. In 2013, he initiated "Jigawa State University", which was later renamed to "Sule Lamido University" in Kafin Hausa, which I am benefiting from. I recently graduated from there. May Allah bless them. Amin ya Rabbi. 

He is the one "who has the courage to do, the courage to envision, the courage to fight, the courage to work, the courage to achieve the highest excellence and the fullest greatness of man," which later developed as a result of Sule Lamido’s dedication. 

Nuruddeen Muhammad

Dr. Nura is not like incompetent leaders who make a lot of promises to the citizens and, in the end, use the opportunity to enrich themselves and their families. God forbid! With that, I quote where he said, "I disappointed neither my benefactors nor the youth constituency that I so proudly represented." 

"He is the person who is always thinking about not just being a leader but also exercising the duties of good leadership." May he live longer and prosper. Amin. 

May the next generation of leaders not abuse their positions of power to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary citizens. Amin. 

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