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Unification of Northern Nigerian regional politics on abduction of children in Kano


In the midst of the trending depressing, gloomy, miserable and sad incident of the nine (9) kidnapped, snatched and abducted children in Kano city and perhaps its neighbors. Meanwhile, it might be happening generally in northern part of the country which is unknown. This has to be considered and measured.

Despite the carelessness and negligence of the children’s parents, it is the duty of each country’s government to protect its citizens including Nigeria, my country so far. All these hindrances including this abduction of the children hamper nation’s development itself. Let alone about self-development, which is the most serious!

Then, the irrationality of it is many, and it is unbearable trouble on any person ravaging, discouraging, and life-threatening for his life including changing his language and significantly religion. Perhaps, it is better to exterminate them from this living.

Alkasim Harisu explained it vividly and wrote:
Even the cruel and heartless abductors of these children, either subconsciously, unconsciously or even consciously, know that what they are doing is condemnable and will not want it to happen to their children or those close to them. No one loves to be done a bad thing even those who do it to others. The truth is that bad is always bad and will never take another name or form.

I am actually together with him in this vein to condemn this dreadful plus wicked act and implore and plead all fundamental bodies to forestall such barbaric event in the region; including the exe. Gov. of Kano state and the Amir of Kano, MS II.

Ending any, not only child abduction is paramount but also all such kinds. Then, if the government tackled the issue in the country and prioritized the well-being of its citizens; therefore, the country will be a safer place to live.

Let’s all be advocates for change and give them a new ease of life.
Thank you.

October, 2019.
Amir Muhammad Harbo

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