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The Way Some Lecturers are Behaving Towards Women in Universities

The Way Some Lecturers are Behaving Towards Women in Universities:

The way some lecturers and students are treating married women in our universities is worrisome. I can't zip my mouth over this, it's distracting me over a time.  We're taking their lives as like they're over. This is indeed weird!

Especially to the pregnant ones, we're thinking that they've nothing to offer to us. School, husband, plus 24/7 childcare is not easy. it's very stressful! But that doesn't give us the right to make the experience worse for them. They are humans too.

We were all born, right? Even a number of celebrities that we took them as role models were once moms, if not many. I know, many times those women can't even complain with confidence, let alone about asking questions to teachers and their colleagues for their studies. Most of them failed test and exams because of given them no excuses.

This is one of the reasons we are discouraging marriage before schooling - and prepared our teens to be married after study. Most of these girls are the victims of rape and sexual harassment in the universities.

We can have our own opinions. We can make our own choices. But can't we show these women kindness instead of judgement.

We can't continue living like that. We have to stand for our sisters, assist them and spread love for our future sons and daughters of our respective communities.

Dear women students keep your head up. Don't be discouraged, please. With God, you will be assisted and passed. May we be guided. Amin.

Amir Muhammad Harbo.

January, 2021.

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