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Retrospection: And Sule Lamido Boasted!

 Retrospection: And Sule Lamido Boasted! 

-By Ameer Muhammad Harbo.

What I always remember is how his inaugural speech was presented on the 29th of May, 2007 with alot of emphasis, confidence and a even a certain boastful tone in it's content.

In Nigeria, elected public officials hardly boast and live to tell the story. It takes a certain very unsual levels of self confidence and sincerity of intention for anyone to make one. 

Well, that day, in Dutse, in the presence of key Jigawa stakeholders and to the hearing of millions of our citizens, Lamido didn't only swear with the Holy Qur'an to uphold and defend the  constitution of the Federal Republic, he also boasted. And his achievements after eight years in power vindicated him.

Going by his ways of handling of the affairs of the state when he was in power, I can say that Jigawa should be his own forever. In other words, it would have been better for the state if he had owned it. By owning it, I do not mean that Jigawa should be his own personal property or possession. I am talking about owning it at ideological and moral levels. Ideological and moral characters he himself had always confessed he had internalized from the finest political traditions of the first and second republic progressive Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) and the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) respectively under the tutelage of no other than the late sage Mallam Aminu Kano himself.

(Dr.) Sule Lamido, CoN

Dr Sule Lamido stood tall that day about thirteen years ago, in what is now symbolically Aminu Kano Triangle bearing the SAWABA Monument and effortlessly boasted thus;...

"Our programmes, pronouncements and actions will bear the unmistakable stamp of the moral and ideological character of the political background we come from"..

Indeed the moral and ideological character of this political background Lamido boasted about is certainly that of the progressives and patriots! And what he did is what made Jigawa state what it is today, and probably tomorrow too.

Happy birthday Sir!

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