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For the Greater Development of Jigawa state

In moments of profound decay, a revolutionary should lead the way. Our collective motivation should be for the good of the greater number of people, not jealousy, envy and greed.

If I say great, I mean many things that will be reformed positively by that revolutionary consciousness.

In a better way, "what I am saying is that...[Jigawa] is not beyond change. I am saying that...[Jigawa] can change today if she discovers leaders who have the will, the ability and the vision. Such people are rare in any time or place. But it is the duty of enlightened citizens to lead the way in their discovery and to create an atmosphere conducive to their emergence. If this conscious effort is not made, good leaders, like good money, will be driven out by bad".

Indeed, we need to break from the status quo of poverty, ignorance and disease, enabled by the past of wastefulness, negligence, deceit and bad planning.

How?! By making Jigawa great again.

In context, Dr Nuruddeen Muhammad has demonstrated both the passion, intellectual capacity and character to drive this revolutionary movement.

Dr Nuruddeen is himself conscious of his unique  role in our society and he once famously said sometimes in September 2018 at a public lecture on The Evolution of Political Ideology in Nigeria at The Dutse Metropolitan Club in Dutse.

"A new progressive activism has to start. It shall be anchored on sound  philosophical, ethical and moral principles with clear ideological sentiments around;  free, fair and credible elections, secure and prosperous society, universal freedom, rights, and equality of all men, right to life, free, compulsory and qualitative basic  education for all, universal health coverage, gender fairness and inclusion, social and economic justice, child’s right, freedom of thought, association and conscience, cultural renaissance and environmental renewal".

Dr Nuruddeen  Muhammad.

This is the way to go, and Jigawa shall be a true New World in our lifetime inshaAllah.

Jigawa, a new world.

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