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An Unknown Letter

An Unknown Letter

I am thinking of the received letter.
I don’t know, it is a death letter.
Death by invitation.

I can recalled a handsomely wreathed and ornamented Black and red-letter came yesterday I had put it on the broken Nigerian table And forgot about it.

It was a night then,
I attempt to eat.
Yet, I cannot even drink water,
I was remembering the letter.

Today I picked it up, looked it over
No return address.
I put it down unhappily and wondered
Who sent it.

I asked myself,
As many as I can
Questions raised than answers.

I carried it into the living room
And it became a coaster for a while
Damp from the sweat of a cold drink Tomorrow, I said to myself, tomorrow.

Up-to-date I will think about opening it
But not today.
Maybe not tomorrow.

Amir Muhammad Harbo

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